What is a Tenant allowance?

If you are in the market for new Commercial Space for your business, a tenant allowance is the amount the landlord is willing to spend so that a new tenant (you) can retrofit or renovate the commercial space.  We usually express this as a Dollar amount per square foot.

This can help assist with the capital costs when opening a new business or changing locations.

Often the Tenant Allowance will be offset in your lease rate per square foot, and the amount of the allowance will tie into the duration of your lease term. The longer the term, the more willing a landlord is going to be in providing a larger Tenant improvement Allowance.

If you do not negotiate a Tenant Improvement Allowance, you may be able to

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If you are operating a small business in Alberta or are new to business, you may benefit from the Alberta Government Small Business Website.

Starting a Business

  • What to consider when starting a business;
    • Planning and Research
    • Setting up a Business
    • Employees, Taxes and Payroll
  • Operating a Business
    • Labour and Employment
    • Business operations, growth and productivity
    • Workplace Health and Safety
    • Markets and Trade
  • Funding a Business
    • Grants
    • Services
    • Loans
    • Credits
    • Other types of Financing
  • Regulations for small Business
    • Licenses and Permits
    • Regulated Occupations and Trades
    • Commonly Requested Acts and Regulations

The detailed information on the above topics can

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As a self-proclaimed entrepreneur, I get excited about new projects and ideas. Entrepreneurs need new challenges and constant progression forward. Sitting still is not an option for many entrepreneurs, as the feeling of getting passed by the competition eats away at you.

But how can you keep growing with only a finite amount of personal capital and personal time? Leverage.  As an entrepreneur, there are two forms of leverage.

There is financial leverage and human resource leverage. In both cases, too much reliance on either of these two things can create volatility and risk, while not enough leverage will ultimately limit your capacity to grow.

Today let’s have a look at the results of utilizing financial leverage in the acquisition of a

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Operating and capital budgets for 2018 have officially been approved by Blackfalds town council.

The budget totals $34.4 million, with a $26,566,680 operating budget which includes a 1.1 per cent property tax increase – an average of an additional $24 per family based on a $315,000 home assessment.

Town of Blackfalds Mayor Richard Poole said the reaction from residents has been generally positive, and he’s heard no complaints regarding the tax increase, which bodes well for what they’ve laid out in the budget.

“Town council worked very hard. We’ve gone through a number of meetings in order to prepare and provide the feedback administration needed,” he said. “To get it done at this time of year is a really excellent feeling for us. There’s a

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Here are a few key steps when thinking about starting your own business.

  • Business Planning. This is the single most important step in your new business venture. Do not overlook this step as a strong business plan will outline everything from your general business overview to competition, your management structure to Projections. You should not ever go into business without a well written and strong business plan to keep you on track and focused.
  • Legal Structure: Sole Proprietor or Corporation?
  • Choosing a Business Name?
  • Registering for a Business License with the local Town/City
  • Tax Registration for GST, Payroll Remittance and Corporate Taxes.

As always, please trust in the professionals at KLRT Commercial for all of your

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The Town of Sylvan Lake has launched an online tool to help businesses access information on the local economy and business environment.

The business and investment tool will be useful for existing and potential business owners. It is available at

The town partnered with a Canadian technology firm, Localintel, to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with latest information on the local market, industry-specific information and competition analysis.

Vicki Kurz, economic development officer for the town said the tool will allow the city to connect with current and potential business owners.

“Everything from current utility mapping, to available properties, industry trends, and existing opportunities are

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Did you know that the government has a guaranteed loan program that will provide financing to get your business started or help your existing business grow.  Contrary to popular belief, this program is offered through all chartered banks and credit unions in Alberta. The CSBF loan can help businesses purchase, install and modernize business equipment and other fixtures. It can also help purchase a business (Asset Purchase), help purchase an owner occupied commercial premises (as long as the borrower occupies more than 50% of the useable Square Footage), as well as finance leasehold improvements.

The Basics of this program are as follows:

How can this help my business?

The Canada Small Business Financing Loan can provide a Canadian business

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Although we are not insurance professionals and do not offer insurance advice, we would like to outline some general insurance policies that Commercial Property owners deal with regularly, as well as business owners and tenants.

Property Insurance

Property Insurance pays for losses and damages to real or personal property. For example, a property insurance policy would cover fire damage to your office space of building. You can purchase additional coverage for your business and property, including but not limited to:

Machinery and Equipment Insurance

This insurance, sometimes referred to as mechanical breakdown insurance, provides coverage for the accidental breakdown of key equipment such as boilers, machinery and equipment which your

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With the sale of Formula 1 to Liberty Media Corporation, we see a lot of news articles speaking to the Formula 1 Enterprise Value of $8 billion, with the equity value being $4.4 Billion.

What is the difference between Enterprise Value and Equity Value you ask?

Equity Value is the simplest form is the total outstanding shares of a company (Market Cap) and can be calculated using the current value per each share outstanding.

As an example, if “Example Company Ltd” had 10,000 outstanding shares with a share price of $10.00, the Equity Value of the company would be $100,000.

The equity value alone typically will not give you an accurate representation of the TRUE value of a company.

Enterprise Value will represent the market value of the

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Cap Rates vs. Property Values Explained

Today, I would like to take some time and outline the definition of a “Cap Rate” as well as how a basic CAP Rate calculation is completed.

The “Cap Rate”, or capitalization rate, is the rate of return on a real estate investment property based on the income that the property is expected to generate. The capitalization rate is used to estimate the investor’s potential return on his or her investment.

Cap Rates can vary from major urban centers to rural areas, however typical cap rates in Central Alberta are around the 7%-8% range depending on location.


Let’s have a look at an example;

Commercial Investment being offered with the following information;

Asking Price: $750,000.00


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