January 2018

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If you are operating a small business in Alberta or are new to business, you may benefit from the Alberta Government Small Business Website.

Starting a Business

  • What to consider when starting a business;
    • Planning and Research
    • Setting up a Business
    • Employees, Taxes and Payroll
  • Operating a Business
    • Labour and Employment
    • Business operations, growth and productivity
    • Workplace Health and Safety
    • Markets and Trade
  • Funding a Business
    • Grants
    • Services
    • Loans
    • Credits
    • Other types of Financing
  • Regulations for small Business
    • Licenses and Permits
    • Regulated Occupations and Trades
    • Commonly Requested Acts and Regulations

The detailed information on the above topics can

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As a self-proclaimed entrepreneur, I get excited about new projects and ideas. Entrepreneurs need new challenges and constant progression forward. Sitting still is not an option for many entrepreneurs, as the feeling of getting passed by the competition eats away at you.

But how can you keep growing with only a finite amount of personal capital and personal time? Leverage.  As an entrepreneur, there are two forms of leverage.

There is financial leverage and human resource leverage. In both cases, too much reliance on either of these two things can create volatility and risk, while not enough leverage will ultimately limit your capacity to grow.

Today let’s have a look at the results of utilizing financial leverage in the acquisition of a

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