What is meant by a commercial fixturing period?

If you are in the market for Commercial Real Estate, you will be looking at a variety of locations and spaces, all with different levels of condition and layouts on the interior.

When it comes to Commercial Real Estate, one size does not fit all. Your business will require a specific exterior and interior design in order to conform with your business and industry you operate within.

Examples of this would be a doctors office, which would need more office space along with a reception and seating area. A fitness facility will require more open space, alog with substantial plumbing work for the shower and washroom/change areas. A restaurant will require more seating space along with a kitchen

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Your business plan will range in length anywhere from 20 to 50 pages depending on the type of business and industry. Regardless of the length, typically, they will all contain the same sections. Below we have outlined each section of your business plan and what to include in each section:

Your Business Plan May include some or all of the following:

  • The Executive Summary.This is business plan overview, which the reader can get and idea of the key points that are included in your long form business plan. The Executive Summary should almost be able to stand on its own as a separate document.
  • Business Overview.Will offer a description of the business, including:
      1. The legal structure
      2. Business formation history
      3. The
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Coming back to the article we recently wrote about Triple Net Lease Structures, here is a quick overview of some other, less common lease structures and an explanation of the Term:

Gross Lease: The tenant pays a set sum or “gross” amount for rent and the landlord pays all real estate expenses. Sometimes these leases will also include utilities.

NNN (Triple Net/Net Net Net Lease): A net lease under which the lessee assumes all expenses of operating a property, including both fixed and variable expenses and any common area maintenance that might apply. However, the landlord is responsible for structural repairs. Referred to as a triple net lease or NNN. MOST COMMON IN ALBERTA.

Absolute NNN Lease: No landlord responsibilities. Tenant is

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The Land Use Bylaw divides all land in The City into land use districts or zones. “Permitted” or “discretionary” uses are allowed in each district, and are subject to specific standards, with respect to things such as setbacks from property lines, parking, building size and heights.

The intent of the Land Use Bylaw is to ensure uses are compatible with their neighbours, and are developed attractively. Check to determine if the property you wish to buy or lease is located in a zone that allows the type of business you may wish to establish. If your site is in the right district, you can then apply for development approval.

If your property is not in a district that would allow your type of business, you may wish to discuss a rezoning application

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Sylvan Lake Hosted An Open House To Show Residents The Plans and Ideas They’ve Come Up With For The Town’s Waterfront.

The Sustainable Waterfront Area Redevelopment Plan Is In Phase 3 After Getting Resident Feedback From Workshops and Surveys Over The Past 9 Months

Some Key Themes Important to Residents Include Year Round Activities, More Shopping, and Keeping As Many Parks & Green Spaces Available

People Say The City Is Doing A Great Job Finding New & Fun Activities For the Lakefront, and Making It Easy For Pedestrians to Get Around.

However They’re Worried About the Economic Health Of The Lakefront, Parking, and Bike Accessibility

Planners Have Added Some Plaza’s to the Plans Though, In Hopes of Curbing Those Worries From

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Feedback Has Been Plentiful, As The Town of Sylvan Lake Prepares to Draft Land Use Bylaws for Marijuana Retailers.

The Federal and Provincial Governments Have Done Most of the Decision Making, but Municipalities Were Left With Making a Few Very Important Ones.

Nearly 800 people completed a recent online survey, which helped the town form the proposed rules and regulations.

This open house format gives residents the ability to review the proposed rules and provide further input on the subject before the town develops a bylaw and policy.

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The Sylvan Lake Chamber of Commerce Hosted Their Biz @ Breakfast Event This Week

A Special Guest Speaker With the Alberta Ministry of Labour Explained the Details of a Few Grant Programs Available to Business Owners to Either Help Pay for Training or Offset the Cost of Employing Students

You Can Learn More About the Canada Alberta Job Grant Here

You Can Learn More About the STEP Program Here

To Learn About Other Potential Grants Available to Your Business, Click Here

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Alberta and Ontario are Canada’s Largest Carbon Emitters, but Alberta is Actually Leading the Way in Many Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Aging Buildings Like Shopping Malls, Arenas, Schools, and Commercial Buildings are the Biggest Carbon Emitters.

It May Cost More to Lease From a Newer Building, but it Can Save Your Business a Lot of Money in the Long Run. Saving You Money on Your Utility Bills, and Costs to Retrofit an Older Building

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In This Episode of Ask the Experts We Sit Down with Melcor’s Tyler Hansen to Discuss Land Development Coming to Red Deer.

Clearview Market is Expected to Expand North of 67th Street

Commercial Lots in Timberlands Will Also be Filled As Northeast Red Deer Continues to Grow.

Construction is Also Expected to Begin on a New Commercial Development in the Laredo Neighbourhood.

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What is a Tenant allowance?

If you are in the market for new Commercial Space for your business, a tenant allowance is the amount the landlord is willing to spend so that a new tenant (you) can retrofit or renovate the commercial space.  We usually express this as a Dollar amount per square foot.

This can help assist with the capital costs when opening a new business or changing locations.

Often the Tenant Allowance will be offset in your lease rate per square foot, and the amount of the allowance will tie into the duration of your lease term. The longer the term, the more willing a landlord is going to be in providing a larger Tenant improvement Allowance.

If you do not negotiate a Tenant Improvement Allowance, you may be able to

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